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Maptian: MAP-tion | sounds like Martian | (mápšən)

Maptian is a data visualization and mapping studio. We build simplicity from complexity.

My name is Dan McCarey. I'm an information designer and data artist. I use an iterative design and development process to build intuitive visualizations from scratch, and I'm interested in data at the persistence level as well as the flow and display of information to the user.

I visualized Linked Data with Harvard University, the rule of law with the World Justice Project and improvements in child mortality with UNICEF and the Pulitzer Center. My work has been featured in Scientific American, Fast Company, Gizmodo and many others.

I often work on discovery projects, helping organizations determine the potential of their data. If you have an interesting dataset you'd like Maptian to take a look at then get in touch.

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Child Lives on display at SOTMUS Detroit / October 2018

Dan at work at Maptian's studio, Silver Spring, MD / April 2020

Maptian booth at SOTMUS Detroit / October 2018

Talking Linked Data visualization at Stanford / May 2018

Presenting at Dataviz DC, April 2019