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Maptian: MAP-tion | sounds like Martian | (mápšən)

Maptian is a data visualization and mapping studio. We build simplicity from complexity.

Led by Dan McCarey, Maptian designs and deploys applications to help solve real-world problems, from reducing the rate of child mortality in Nigeria to visualizing how ordinary people experience justice around the world.

Who we work with

Maptian works with a variety of clients from the humanitarian, science and research sectors. We consider our clients as partners and work to understand their goals, limitations and challenges to maximize the impact of our work.

Working with us

We build custom solutions to complex problems. As a small shop, we're limited in the number of projects we can take on at anyone time. We carefully evaluate potential clients and engagements to ensure a good fit.

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Child Lives on display at SOTMUS Detroit / October 2018

Dan at work at Maptian's studio, Silver Spring, MD / April 2020

Maptian booth at SOTMUS Detroit / October 2018

Talking Linked Data visualization at Stanford / May 2018

Presenting at Dataviz DC, April 2019